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The AIVA library and on-line gallery feature subjects listed in categories on left side of this page. The geographic coverage is from Alaska to Baffin Island in the Arctic to the US south. Each image is described and keyworded. Click on a category or enter text into search input field.

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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Thank you for visiting this web-site. I hope you will find it artistic, informative, and enjoyable. All image are Copyright "AIVA-Paul Nopper", all rights reserved. The images on this site may not be copied, downloaded, or used in any way without permission from AIVA or Paul Nopper. Courtesy permission from Paul Nopper for casual personal use is hereby granted*. Other permissions require a negotiated fee. Please email your requests for use to Paul Nopper at , or telephone 905 648-7272.

*Permitted personal use would include Homework, but not use in a Brochure. Any use must give credit to AIVA-Paul Nopper.

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